3 features that make us unique

OK, here's the quick pitch.
If you go through the tour you'll see there is a bunch of stuff that we do differently that gives you a competitive edge when using our social networking system for your service.
However, there's 3 we don't think you'll find combined in any other solution that you should be aware of. They are:

Integrated Micropayments

Credits are used as micropayments to charge users for things they do or buy, or reward them for actions they take. For example, one customer uses them as "EcoPoints" they earn and can redeem to have a tree planted. Another dating site uses them to charge a penny to send an email to ask someone on a date. It's a powerful way to generate revenue on your system.

Game Mechanics

Gamification - Netvillage is the only turn-key combination of gamification services that are fully integrated into a social networking platform. This takes advantage of two powerful human motivators: the psychological predisposition to engage in gaming, and the desire to socialize with other people.

Group Chat

Multi-user Chat Room - Sure, Facebook has chat, but that's one-to-one, or maybe a small group of 3. For our chat, we are talking hundreds of people (friends and strangers) yakking it up real-time. You can't do this on Facebook, or any of the other social sites. This is like the old America Online chatroom that was the most popular feature of that service. It is one of the keys to creating a loyal user base.