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Social Networking software that puts YOU in control

NetVillage is a leading provider of Social Network Software and Social Networking Platforms for creating, hosting, and managing a private social network web site, or special-interest user group.  We provide a complete set of tightly-integrated Social Networking services that provide solutions for businesses wishing to create revenue generating, virtual e-communities.

You can offer your members a full menu of social network software - chat rooms, discussion boards, shared document libraries, blogs, micro-blogs, profiles, calendars, photo galleries, video catalogs, auctions, classifieds, personals, polls, stores, databases, private community e-mail, facebook-like friend feeds, twitter-style updates, and much, much more. Individuals and entrepreneurs can use our social networking platform to create a Social Network

Why Social Networking?

To succeed in e-commerce, you need to succeed in e-community. Every site is fighting to attract and retain users. By adding our Social Networking features, your site can grab their attention, keep them on the site, and encourage them to return.

Why us?

NetVillage's expertise and collaboration tools pre-dates even the web - when we built online communities for dial-up services. We know what works, and what doesn't, in the social networking space. We are not a pablum-eating "Social Networking" provider birthed during the past year. We are, without a doubt, the most experienced web community provider around.

What's New?

We've recently added gamification tools to our popular Social Networking software platform. Gamification works by taking advantage of a person's psychological predisposition to engage in gaming, and can be used to improve consumer loyalty and engagement by incentivizing your users with points, badges and special offers for performing positive actions on your site.

What Makes Us Different?

There's a bunch of stuff that we do differently to give you a competitive edge, but there's a couple that are really unique.

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